New carbon fiber electric car arrives in the U.S.

2050 Motors claims its the only production line electric car with an all-carbon fiber body.

2050 Motors (Las Vegas, NV, US) says the first all-carbon fiber electric vehicle, the e-Go Electric Vehicle (EV), has arrived in the U.S. The e-Go features a lightweight carbon fiber body, with an aluminum racing frame and weighs under 1,500 lb including its battery pack. The company claims its the only production line electric car with an all-carbon fiber body. Its parts are manufactured by a new process using robotic machines, which the company says "significantly reduces the fabrication time and cost of carbon fiber components." The e-Go's big brother, the Ibis, a full-size luxury sedan, is expected to arrive soon.

Both electric vehicles will be showcased in Las Vegas to a private industry audience, and then opened to the general public for viewing. Both vehicles will carry warranty items including a 10-year (unlimited mileage) warranty on their lithium battery packs.

“Earlier this year, both the e-Go EV and the Ibis received rave reviews when they revealed the manufacturing facilities for the e-Go EV to a Chinese audience,” stated Michael Hu, president of 2050 Motors. “The China manufacturing plant features the most modern robotic machines and carbon fiber manufacturing tooling, and the unveiling was covered by national TV news media and many publications. We are excited to make our entrance into the American market, and anticipate another successful event.” 

2050 Motors was founded to import, market, and sell electric and gas powered carbon fiber vehicles engineered and designed in Italy and China. 2050 Motors also has the rights to assemble these vehicles in the U.S. as a future enterprise. 2050 Motors entered into an agreement with Jiangsu Aoxin New Energy Automobile Co. (Jiangsu, China) for the distribution in the U.S. of the new electric car.