MTorres to supply fiber placement, machining equipment for A350

Spirit will use the TORRESFIBERLAYUP automated fiber placement machine to build the Airbus A350 XWB wing front spar.

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MTorres (Torres de Elorz, Spain) has announced that it has been selected by Spirit AeroSystems Inc. (Wichita, Kan.) to supply automated fiber placement machines (AFP), TORRESFIBERLAYUP, to build the Airbus A350 XWB wing front spar.

Additionally, MTorres will supply to Spirit composite routing and drilling equipment, TORRESMILL and TORRESTOOL, as well as ultrasonic inspection machines, TORRESONIC, for both wing front spar and fuselage section 15. The AFP, routing and inspection machines will be delivered to Spirit's new facility in Kinston, N.C., USA.

MTorres notes that while Spirit is already using AFP technology, this program marks the first time ever that AFP technology is going to be used to manufacture these size of spars, saving process time and reducing overall cost.

In addition, the TORRESMILL and TORRESTOOL systems for routing and drilling operations, which MTorres has supplied in the past for other Spirit programs, and the TORRESONIC machines for ultrasonic inspection, complete the range of solutions that MTorres is supplying to Spirit to fulfill the demanding Airbus requirements for the A350 XWB program.

A total of two units of  each type, AFP, trimming and NDI, have been contracted for the initial stages of the program production.