Morgan Advanced Materials develops composite structure for Tata Motors

Morgan Advanced Materials, through its Composites & Defence Systems business, has developed a composite crew compartment for Tata Motors' Light Armoured Multipurpose Vehicle (LAMV) that saved more than 1,000 kg compared to the steel alternative.

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Morgan Advanced Materials (Windsor, Berkshire, U.K.), through its Composites & Defence Systems business, has drawn on its materials and engineering expertise to design and develop a bespoke armored composite crew compartment for Tata Motors’ Light Armoured Multipurpose Vehicle (LAMV) program for the Indian Ministry of Defence.

The LAMV incorporates crew protection based upon Morgan’s bespoke composite and ceramic “pod” technology, which has been developed over the past 20 years. The pod creates a detachable, blast- and ballistic-­resistant crew compartment, which was easily integrated onto the Tata-­produced chassis and can be modified to provide higher levels of protection. The Morgan composite and ceramic “pod” provided a weight savings of more than 1,000 kg/2,204 lb, making it less than half the weight of a similarly protected steel structure.

Duncan Eldridge, president, Morgan Advanced Materials – Composites & Defence Systems, says, “With its stature in both India and the U.K., Tata has combined with our own unrivalled experience in crew protection to deliver a world­-leading, state-­of-­the-­art vehicle. We have signed an agreement with Tata to further develop the armor system as part of a strategic relationship which opens up opportunities for both companies.”

Vernon Noronha, vice president – Defence & Government Business, Tata Motors, says, "We at Tata Motors acknowledge support of two U.K. companies ­— Morgan Advanced Materials Composites and Defence Systems and Supacat. We are proud to have been able to indigenously develop the LAMV, for vital reconnaissance mobility, protection and firepower for the Indian armed forces. The response to the TATA LAMV at the Defexpo was very encouraging.”