Mitsubishi introduces new PAN-based carbon fiber

Mitsubishi Rayon has developed PYROFIL P330, a series of PAN-based carbon fibers with a tow count of 50k to 60k.

Mitsubishi Rayon Co. Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan) announced on Nov. 28 the introduction of a new PAN-based carbon fiber called PYROFIL P330. The P330 series has same properties as the TRH50 fiber that is one of Mitsubishi Rayon's high-strength carbon fibers, but will have an increased filament count of 50k to 60k. Mitsubishi says the P330 series will have better processability compared with other carbon fibers with a similar tow size and with the additional benefit of higher strength and higher modulus.

The Mitsubishi Rayon Group is a leading manufacturers of polyacrylonitrile (PAN) based carbon fibers, which encompasses the production of AN (acrylonitrile) monomer, precursor, carbon fiber (regular size), prepreg and finished products such as golf shafts through an integrated production system.

Mitsubishi Rayon says it will market the new material for larger composite components such as wind turbine blades, automotive parts and pressure vessels. The company says the new fiber will enhance the conversion of carbon fiber into mid-stream material (i.e., prepregs, preforms) and to direct processing methods (i.e., filament winding, pultrusion, etc.).

Target sales revenue for the new material is $50 million (USD) in 2010.