MISTRAS, HITCO develop large ultrasonic C-scan system

The 24-ft long 12-axis ultrasonic C-scan imaging gantry system is said to be among the largest in the world.

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MISTRAS Group Inc. (Princeton Junction, N.J.) reports that it has joined forces with HITCO Carbon Composites Inc. (Los Angeles, Calif.) to produce a 12-axis ultrasonic C-scan imaging gantry scanning system, said to be one of the largest scanners built thus far for the inspection of aerospace carbon composite components.

The 24-ft/7.3m long, 16-ft/4.9m high and wide system will be used by HITCO for the scanning and inspection of aerospace carbon composite components. With its towering twin scanning axes, the system will have the ability to inspect virtually any component within its realm using ultrasonic thru-transmission (UT) and pulse echo scanning.

Along with the size and versatility, the system will include state-of-the art software from MISTRAS Group and Resource Engineering Inc. (REI), a supplier of precision positioning systems. The combination of MISTRAS’ UT digital data acquisition package with REI’s advanced mechanical gantry and motion control package will provide HITCO significant precision in a UT gantry system.

HITCO Carbon Composites Inc. was founded in 1922 and manufactures composite structures and materials primarily for aerospace and defense applications.