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Industry News
MISTRAS delivers NDT system to Boeing Phantom Works

MISTRAS Group Inc. reports that it has delivered an NDT Automation UltraPPC scanning UT system to Boeing Phantom Works.

Posted on: 5/6/2008
Source: CompositesWorld

MISTRAS Group Inc. (Princeton, N.J.) has announced the delivery of an NDT Automation UltraPAC Scanning UT System to Boeing Phantom Works, the advanced research and development unit at Boeing.

The UltraPAC Scanning UT System is part of the NDT product line of immersion inspection and gantry systems. The 48-by-36-inch system includes the X, Y, Z axis and uses UltraWin CScan-based software. With the addition of the UltraPAC system, Boeing will have the capability to test parts in immersion mode, through transmission (TTU) squirter mode and non-contact (air coupled) mode. This system is the first tank purchased from NDT Automation for Boeing Phantom Works.

"The UltraPAC will allow Phantom Works to do their own research and development of composites for both military as well as the 787,"said Dr. Gary Georgeson, NDE Technical Fellow of the Boeing Phantom Works. "This system will not only increase Boeing's ability to support current Boeing programs, but also contribute to future programs.”

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