Michelin racing tires feature Teijin aramid fiber

Teijin Aramid’s Twaron is a reinforcement material being jointly developed by Porsche, BMW and Ferrari.

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Michelin reported on March 17 that it has developed a new ultra high-performance tire for the super sport car segment using Teijin Aramid’s (Emmen The Netherlands) Twaron as a reinforcement material. The tire has been developed jointly with Porsche, BMW and Ferrari.

According to tests, the MICHELIN Pilot Super Sport tire performs extremely well in the fastest segment of the automotive market. The tire contains three new technologies that combine speed and safety. Twaron, the high-performance aramid fiber of Teijin Aramid, ensures that the tire remains in its most ideal shape, even at extreme high speeds. Twaron also ensures that the tire has high-speed stability and resists high temperatures. This makes the MICHELIN Super Pilot Sport tire suitable for the highest speeds reached at the racing circuit.

Twaron is one of the leading aramid fibers that is five times stronger than steel at equivalent weight, resistant to heat and wear and provides innovative and sustainable usages for different industrial sectors like automotive, composites, oil & gas, telecom and ballistics.

Jean-Francois Beaupre, product category nanager of Michelin, says, “Normally, at high speed the belt of the tire tightens the tread more than the shoulders. By strengthening the tire with Twaron, pressure is more evenly distributed. With its varying tenseness, Twaron keeps the tire in perfect shape.”