Mark your calendars: CompositesWorld’s June 2014 thermoplastic autocomposites conference

Thermoplastics Composites Conference for Automotive will be held June 11-12 in the Detroit suburb of Novi, Mich.

CompositesWorld, publisher of High-Performance Composites and Composites Technology magazines and the CompositesWorld Weekly e-newsletter, has banded together with parent company Gardner Business Media (GBM, Cincinnati, Ohio) and sister publication Plastics Technology to produce a new conference: Thermoplastic Composites Conference for Automotive. Colocated with GBM’s amerimold trade show for moldmakers, it takes place June 11-12, 2014, at the Suburban Collection Showcase in Novi, Mich. The keynote speaker will be Michael Shinedling, advanced engineering manager, SRT engineering, for Chrysler’s (Auburn Hills, Mich.) SRT Design and Motorsports group.

Replete with presentations from automotive composite materials and equipment suppliers, the conference program will focus, in part, on advanced composites technologies that offer carmakers more opportunities to lightweight vehicles yet maintain or improve their performance. CompositesWorld is firming up the agenda for the conference. Confirmed speakers include Mark Minichelli, director, technical development, BASF Performance Materials (Budd Lake, N.J.) and Bob Davies, CEO, Fibrtec Inc. (Atlanta, Texas). Minichelli will address the replacement of steel in an automotive seat backframe with thermoplastic composites, and will discuss integration of continuous fiber reinforcements into the injection molding process. Additionally, he’ll identify ways and means to improve system costs, predict structural performance using advanced CAE software, and correlate CAE predictions to actual test performance. Davies will address the use of nylon and tailored fiber-placement preforms. Topics will include an introduction to flexible thermoplastic prepregged tow; hybrid preforming using fabrics, uni tape and tailored fiber placement, and rapid consolidation methods.

Speakers also will be on hand from other well-known names: Aonix, BASF, Celanese, Engel, Fibrtec, LANXESS, RocTool USA, TenCate Performance Composites, and Wittmann Battenfeld. Aonix (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) will present a discussion of its high-performance, amorphous UltraMaterials Solution polymers (modified paraphenylene, sulfone and polyimide systems) that enable very rapid manufacturing in the company’s EXPRESS molding machines, for high-performance structural parts.

The amerimold show will give attendees access to another new conference program — situated alongside amerimold’s traditional programs for moldmakers — that will provide up-to-date information on the latest advances in thermoplastic manufacturing technologies, and expose its audience to advances in composites fabrication technologies that may become part of their processing operations in the future. For composites-industry companies that are looking for an entrée into automotive production, this event will feature a two-pronged thrust, exposing them to new technologies in their field, and enabling them to rub shoulders with injection molders that already are part of the automotive supply chain.

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