Manufacturing Engineer

A&P Technology is seeking qualified candidates to fill a Manufacturing Engineer position.

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A&P Technology is a seventh-generation, family-owned, world-leading producer of precision braided textiles. Our leadership in braiding technology is a direct result of our ongoing commitment to our customers and employees.

We believe in an ethic of hard work and ingenuity, and we invest in people who are passionate about braid and braiding technologies. Our modern facilities, state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, and industry-leading research and development capabilities reflect innovations of our team members.

Our braids are used in a variety of applications ranging from automobile side impact airbags to jet engine stator vanes and from hockey sticks to prosthetics. Current programs involve the use of braid in structures of unprecedented scale, such as fan cases, rocket nozzles and commercial transport airframes. 

Manufacturing Engineer
A&P Technology’ success has created the need for more Manufacturing Engineers. New Manufacturing Engineers will design equipment and processes capable of producing new and current products more effectively. Bachelor’s Degree in Manufacturing or Mechanical Engineering or Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology is required.


  • Aggressively take a hands-on approach with mechanical solutions and manufacturing process improvements.
  • Be involved in the design and setup of the manufacturing operations for developmental products.
  • Design and enhance manufacturing equipment to meet the demands of production.
  • Analyze individual solutions and take appropriate action to ensure that customer needs are met.
  • Encourage, evaluate and implement employee’s suggestions for continuous improvement of procedures and methods.

Interested candidates should send cover letter and resume to

A&P Technology is a fun and exciting place to work. We offer an excellent work environment, a comprehensive benefits package and a competitive salary.

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