MachineTek achieves certification

The company performs precision fabrication of structural honeycomb core components, including 5-axis CNC profiling.

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MachineTek LLC (Carlsbad, California) announced on January 10 it has received the latest AS9100 Rev C certification. The certification signifies MachineTek LLC operates a Quality Management System that complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008  and AS9100C. MachineTek LLC is now certified for precision fabrication of structural honeycomb core components, which includes 5-axis CNC profiling, slotting, heat forming, bonding, and potting.  MachineTek LLC performs these value-added services for a wide range of aerospace composite fabrication companies throughout the United States.

Fabricated structural honeycomb components are incorporated in commercial and military aircraft panels, flight control surfaces, radomes, helicopter blades, or anywhere structural honeycomb forms the core component of composite structures.

“MachineTek’s Rev C certification reflects our dedication to achieving the highest standard of customer satisfaction and confirms that the company has robust and sustainable processes in place to deliver perfect quality and 100 percent on-time delivery,” says Kevin Darroch, president of MachineTek. "This certification reflects the culmination of twenty years' experience in precision honeycomb fabrication."

The AS9100 Rev C standard was established by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) to establish a commitment to quality and a willingness to work towards improving product and process integrity. The focus is on improving supplier performance and customer satisfaction by taking into account new requirements from aviation, space and defense, staying abreast of emerging environmental requirements, and supporting the IAQG strategy of having 90 percent of the supply chain certified to appropriate ISO standards.