Luxfer delivers new G-Stor Go Type 4 CNG cylinders

California-based Luxfer Gas Cylinders has delivered its new G-Stor Go polymer-lined, carbon fiber composite Type 4 cylinders for containment of compressed natural gas (CNG) to Heartland Energy Options.

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Luxfer Gas Cylinders (Riverside, Calif., USA) has announced the first delivery of its new G-Stor Go polymer-lined, carbon fiber composite Type 4 cylinders for containment of compressed natural gas (CNG).

The initial sale was to Heartland Energy Options, an Oklahoma-based company that specializes in converting vehicles to run on natural gas. The company operates facilities in Oklahoma City and Elk City, both in Oklahoma, USA. Ford Motor Co. recently certified Heartland as a qualified vehicle modifier (QVM), and Heartland is converting Ford F-Series full-size pickup trucks into bi-fuel vehicles that will run on either gasoline or CNG.

Heartland is using 22-inch/559-mm diameter G-Stor Go cylinders built around a proprietary aluminum boss and a seamless, high-density polymer liner fully wrapped with aerospace-grade carbon fiber in an epoxy matrix. Mark Lawday, Luxfer’s business development director for the alternative fuel (AF) market, says, “Our lightweight G-Stor Go cylinders are designed to deliver the highest levels of performance and gas retention while offering an optimal balance between weight and durability.”

Luxfer is in the process of expanding its Type 4 product line to include cylinders up to 26 inches/660 mm in diameter in a variety of lengths, including cylinders for class 8 heavy-duty trucks. Luxfer began manufacturing 26-inch diameter cylinders in mid-July 2014.

Luxfer is currently manufacturing Type 4 cylinders at its factory in Riverside, Calif. In the near future, the G-Stor Go product line will also be made at a recently acquired Type 4 facility in Brigham City, Utah. In addition to cylinders, Luxfer offers a comprehensive line of accessories and mounting hardware, including valves, pressure-relief devices, and mounting blocks and straps.