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Industry News
Lucintel report assesses carbon fiber market outlook

Market research firm Lucintel's newest report assesses the health of the carbon fiber market and says to expect a 13 percent annual increase in carbon fiber demand growth.

Posted on: 11/29/2010
Source: CompositesWorld

Research firm Lucintel (Las Collinas, Texas, USA) reports that firms that produce carbon fiber and carbon fiber-reinforced composites are approaching market opportunities with starkly different strategies. In a major new research report, "Worldwide Carbon Fiber Competitive Analysis and Leadership Study, 2010," Lucintel's analysts examine and profile seven of the world's leading carbon fiber producers. The report offers a full competitive analysis from target markets to product mapping, and from selling strategy to production capabilities. 

Some of the highlights of this report are:

  • Carbon fiber demand growth is projected to increase at about 13 percent annually in the next five years.
  • Some of the leading suppliers are projected to lose market share over the next five years. Toray and Zoltek are expected to gain market shares in the next five years.
  • Market shares of carbon fiber vendors in the aerospace, industrial, and sporting goods markets are identified.
  • In terms of product range for carbon fiber market, Toray ranked number one.
  • In terms of net income to revenue, Hexcel ranked number one.
  • In terms of return on equity, Hexcel ranked number one.

For more information about this report, visit www.lucintel.com

Lucintel is also exhibiting and speaking at CompositesWorld's Carbon Fiber 2010 conference, Dec. 7-9 in La Jolla, Calif. Visit www.compositesworld.com/cf for information.

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