Long-glass fiber PP finds home in BMW dashboard carrier

Borealis' GB215HP helped BMW develop a single-material dashboard carrier for the 7 Series that is 20 percent lighter than its predecessor.

Borealis (Vienna, Austria) reported on March 16 that its Nepol GB215HP, a tailor-made long-glass fiber polypropylene (LGF-PP), is to be credited for BMW’s development of up to 20 percent lighter, single-material dashboard carrier solution for its latest 7 Series models.

Nepol GB215HP is said to be the only LGF-PP compatible with BMW’s automated integral foam injection technology, known as SGI. SGI enables BMW to produce lightweight parts that exhibit the same performance profile as compact materials and heavier parts.

BMW’s choice of Borealis’ 20 percent LGF-PP grade to replace its previous two-component dashboard construction reportedly has secured a number of advantages in addition to weight reduction: Better warpage behavior and therefore improved processing and lower system costs; less material to achieve the mechanical properties of high stiffness and strength; good impact performance, adding to the overall production cost-efficiency and component performance. The use of recyclable PP contributes to raising the environmental profile of the 7 Series, with the general vehicle weight saving ultimately reducing fuel consumption.

To ensure optimal benefits from the switch to Nepol GB215HP, Borealis worked with BMW’s Landshut Innovation and Technology Centre to provide fine-tuning of the material for the injection molding process and CAED support for processing and performance simulation.