LOMOLD composite pallet wins award

A recycling organization in South Africa recognizes LOMOLD's innovative composite pallet concept.

LOMOLD (Elsiesrivier, Western Cape, South Africa) reports that it received the 2012 Gold Award for the "Best 100 percent Recycled Product" from the South African Plastics Recyclers Organization (SAPRO) for its long-fiber reinforced composite pallet made from recycled PET (rPET), at a gala event in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Using a combination of its patented process, proprietary material formulations and intelligent design, LOMOLD is able to “upcycle” discarded soft drink and water bottles as well as other plastic waste materials into durable pallets that have even higher mechanical performance than equivalent products made from virgin polypropylene or polyethylene. LOMOLD is able to adjust the performance of its pallets to meet the particular price point and load-carrying requirements for a particular market, ensuring maximum returns and savings for pallet users. This ability to turn plastic waste into high-quality engineering materials has enabled LOMOLD to offer its pallets to the export and general transport industries at prices that compete directly with wood pallets – but with none of the drawbacks normally associated with wood pallets.

LOMOLD pallets are completely resistant to all insects, bacteria and fungi, making them ideal for worry-free exports, and are exempt for ISPM-15 regulations. Wood export pallets have to be treated with harmful chemicals to try and prevent pest infestations, which can cause significant shipment delays. LOMOLD pallets are made from liquid-resistant plastics, have no nails or splinters and are easily cleaned, making them very hygienic and reducing product damage. Wood pallets have been found to contain substances (e.g., TBA and formaldehyde) that can contaminate pharmaceuticals, wine and food products. Substandard wood, rusty nails and splinters also contribute to product damages.

LOMOLD pallets fit into each other to reduce delivery costs and storage space requirements; 64 LOMOLD pallets fit into 1 pallet stack compared to only 16 wood pallets.  Their light weight makes them easy to handle and saves valuable weight on planes, trucks and ships.
In Europe and other destinations, a surcharge is placed on all imported wood pallets to cover the cost of landfill, but because LOMOLD pallets are 100 percent recyclable they are exempt from these surcharges.

Every seven LOMOLD pallets used instead of wood pallets save one tree, remove up to 100 kg of CO₂ from the atmosphere and reduce transport weight by 100 kg. The collection and recycling of plastics for use in pallets create sustainable jobs and ensure that valuable materials are not sent to landfill. LOMOLD pallets are now available in 1200 by 1000 mm and 1200 by 800 mm sizes.