LM Glasfiber transports massive wind blade

The 61.5m blade, said to be the longest made, was delivered to Copenhagen, Denmark for a United Nations climate change conference.

Wind blade manufacturer LM Glasfiber (Lunderskov, Denmark) reported on Nov. 16 that over the weekend of Nov. 13-15 it transported the world's longest composite wind turbine blade across islands and bridges from Lunderskov to the Danish capital Copenhagen. The destination of the 61.5m/202-ft-long blade is the United Nations' COP15 conference on climate change, to be held in Copenhagen in December.

The blade left LM Glasfiber's plant in Lunderskov early Friday, Nov. 13, negotiating highways, bridges and rain. It was installed at the main entrance at the Bella Center as part of the Wind Power Works Campaign in collaboration with GWEC, the Global Wind Energy Council and the Danish wind industry association.

Information: Click here to see a video of the blade passing through Denmark.