Industry News

New composite products manufactured from decommissioned wind blades
News Item Published: 4/24/2015

Global Fiberglass Solutions Inc. and Washington State University collaborated on this project.

Superior Fibers sells composites business
News Item Published: 4/24/2015

The division produces continuous filament veils and mats that are sold to companies creating composite materials and products for many end markets.

Unmanned X-47B aircraft demos in-flight refueling
News Item Published: 4/23/2015

This is another aviation milestone for the X-47B, which in 2013 became the first unmanned aircraft to autonomously launch from and recover aboard an aircraft carrier.

Solar Impulse 2 reaches Nanjing, China: next stop, Hawaii
News Item Published: 4/23/2015

After crossing the Pacific Ocean, Solar Impulse will stop in the United States, and then either North Africa or Southern Europe, before returning to Abu Dhabi to complete the first ever round-the-world solar flight.

New maps predict strength of composites
News Item Published: 4/23/2015

The design maps from Rice University researchers show how materials rate in all three categories (stiffness, toughness and strength) and where they overlap.

Sintex Wausaukee to provide composite interiors for operator cabs
News Item Published: 4/22/2015

The components will be manufactured in Sintex Wausaukee’s recently opened FRP cell in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Private equity firm buys Dolan and European Carbon Fiber
News Item Published: 4/22/2015

Dolan and European Carbon Fiber share production facilities in Kelheim, Germany and an experienced management team.

Engel to supply machine for composites research at Open Hybrid Lab Factory
News Item Published: 4/22/2015

The new Engel machine is designed for the ProVorPlus project that focuses on the integrated process technologies for the pressembly of fiber-reinforced plastic/metal hybrids.

New patents issued for ultrasonic inspection technologies for airframe structures
News Item Published: 4/21/2015

The patents cover a robotic inspection system that uses a pair of cooperating, multi-axis robots mounted on linear slides to perform ultrasonic inspection of parts.

Strongwell and Fibratore sign exclusive licensing and technology agreement
News Item Published: 4/21/2015

This agreement will benefit both companies through expanded engineering, manufacturing and distribution capabilities in the Central and South American region where Fibratore operates.

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