Learjet 85 features Acellent structural health monitoring technology

Acellent Technologies reports that its structural health monitoring system was installed by Bombardier Aerospace in the vertical stabilizer on its first Learjet 85 business jet.

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Acellent Technologies Inc. (Sunnyvale, Calif., USA), a developer of structural health monitoring (SHM) systems, reported on April 1 that its SHM technology was installed by Bombardier Aerospace on its Learjet 85 business jet in preparation for the aircraft’s first flight test.

Acellent’s unique approach to SHM is centered on its patented SMART Layer sensor network. The sensor network, says Acellent, is able to adapt to virtually any structural geometry. Designing it for installation on the left and right panel of the composite vertical stabilizer of the first Learjet 85 flight test vehicle, or FTV1, was a challenge that Acellent rose to, in meeting Bombardier’s installation requirements.

Acellent takes a complete systematic approach to SHM and designs all of its own data acquisition hardware, which includes its proprietary ScanGenie II hardware and data analysis software that is used to collect data from the sensors installed on one of the FTV1’s critical structural components, the vertical stabilizer.

“Acellent is very proud to have partnered with Bombardier for the preparation of the Learjet 85 first flight test aircraft and is looking forward to supporting the validation of its SHM technology through ongoing collaboration,” says Amrita Kumar, Acellent Technologies’ executive VP of business.

Acellent Technologies was founded in 1999 to develop SHM technology developed at Stanford University. Acellent designs, builds and supports health and condition monitoring systems for diverse structures that include aircraft, rotorcraft, pipelines, bridges, wind turbines and automobiles.

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