Laser scanning helps reduce cost to program drilling

Tennessee Watercraft uses NVision's laser scanning service to convert design data into CAD models to speed programming of drilling operations in boat hulls.

Tennessee Watercraft Inc. (TWI, Vonore, Tenn., USA) reports that it has saved significant time and money by using NVision’s (Coppell, Texas, USA) laser scanning service to speed the process of robot programming for boat hull drilling operations. The company has found that NVision’s scanning service has reduced by $150,000 the cost of robot programming, a reduction of about 60 percent compared to previous methods. The laser scanning reportedly has also reduced the time required for programming.

It used to typically cost Tennessee Watercraft an estimated $250,000 to manually program a robot to drill holes in a hull deck, including measuring the location of each hole by hand. NVision's laser scanner digitally captures new designs and then convert the data into CAD models. This reduces the cost to an estimated $100,000, including both laser scanning and programming. The new process is also much faster, requiring one month instead of several.

“NVision’s service more than pays for itself in faster and less expensive robot programming,” says Jerry Denham, a design engineer at TWI. “And the accuracy of NVision’s work has been proven in production. We have tried other scanning processes but NVision’s is the only one that provides the level of accuracy we need.”