LAP Laser places laser systems in A350 manufacturing

Airbus will purchase 220 LAP Laser projection systems for the layout of composite parts and structures on the A350 XWB commercial airplane.

LAP Laser (Cincinnati, Ohio and Lueneburg, Germany) reports that Airbus has purchased 220 LAP laser projection systems for the layut of composite parts and structures on the new A350 XWB wide-body commercial jet.

Airbus will use the laser projectors in the manufacture of carbon fiber components for wings, fuselage and tail units to further optimize the efficiency of production. During build-up of the carbon fiber components, the LAP systems will indicate by laser beams where each individual carbon fiber layer has to go. This saves time and money as the components no longer need to be aligned by means of difficult-to-handle templates and complicated measurements. The laser projectors are also used to check the position of the layers during the assembly process. This ensures that any errors in the manufacturing process are precluded at a very early stage.

The projectors guide the operators step by step through the complete process of component build-up. The software displays working steps like positioning of carbon fiber plies, but also the exact marking of other part locations in the correct order.

During the next three years, Airbus will install a 220 laser projectors at production facilities in Germany, Spain and France. The first projectors will be already shipped in the middle of 2010 to the Aerolia works in Meaulte, France.