KaZaK: Pultrusion has a place in ship structures

KaZaK Composites reports that pultruded panels can help reduce weight and assembly time for ship structures.

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KaZaK Composites Inc. (Woburn, Mass., USA), a provider of high value-added composites-based engineering and design solutions, presented two papers at the annual SAMPE Conference and one at the Global Pultrusion Conference, both in Baltimore, Md., May 18-21.

One of the papers focused on the use of composites pultrusion to significantly reduce the cost of composite ship structures. “We have been working closely with the U.S. Navy to try to cut costs without compromising the integrity of the ship structures,” says John Schickling, EVP/COO of KaZaK Composites Inc. “By using pultrusion as a way to manufacture composites such as ship panels, we can not only save money on the panels themselves, but we also can find significant savings in the assembly of these panels. We estimate that we can save the US Navy from 60 to 88 percent on labor alone.” This presentation was made KaZaK’s CEO, Dr. Jerry Fanucci.

Another presentation at SAMPE by Valentin Neascu, a senior composites engineer at KaZaK, discussed the use of alternative processes in the liquid molding process.