KaZaK announces several composites-related initiatives

KaZaK Composites announces development of a composite transmission shaft as well as a device for delivery of sensors used by the U.S. Navy in antisubmarine warfare.

KaZaK Composites Inc. (Woburn, Mass., USA), a provider of high value-added composite engineering and design, on June 7 made two announcements in conjunction with the company's exhibit at the 2010 Navy Opportunity Forum in Arlington, Va., USA.

First, KaZaK announced it has designed a composite power transmission shaft that reduces the overall weight of each shaft without compromising the performance of the component. With existing shafts constructed of steel and weighing between 90 and 290 lb (41 and 132 kg), depending on the configuration, the Navy is looking for a solution that will allow for increased payload on its existing ACVs, the LCAC and future ACVs such as the SSC.

"KaZaK's composite transmission shafting offers significant weight reduction over its steel counterpart," said John Schickling, EVP/COO of KaZaK Composites. "The composite design will not corrode like steel, reducing maintenance costs by removing the need to repaint and replace the shafting. Additionally, the shaft reinforcement and matrix materials are designed to attenuate vibration loads, reducing vibrational stress on the power train which increases the operational life of some power train equipment, further reducing maintenance costs."

KaZaK also announced it has created Precision Aerial Delivery of Dropsondes (PADD), a solution for delivering sensors that can improve the placement accuracy of the U.S. Navy's Antisubmarine Warfare (ASW), while protecting personnel as well as the intended target.

“Additionally, the design is low-cost expendable, saving the Navy money. The Navy's current system delivers unguided sensors that follow a ballistic trajectory, resulting in errors in the actual placement point of the sensors," notes Jerry Fanucci, president/CTO of KaZaK Composites. "Additionally, the drops are performed at a low altitude in areas that are often hostile, which can endanger air crews and reveal intended targets."

KaZaK's PADD is an air vehicle delivery device coupled with a dropsonde launcher to provide a precision, stand-off delivery capability using existing ASW. This low-risk solution requires minimal changes to existing ASW equipment, logistics, operations and training.