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Industry News
Japanese firm introduces three-wheeled, one- or two-person carbon fiber vehicle

Japanese joint venture Kowa Tmsuk has developed the KOBOT, a three-wheeled, one- or two-person carbon fiber vehicle for urban transportation.

Posted on: 12/5/2011
Source: CompositesWorld

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Kowa Tmsuk KOBOT

Kowa Tmsuk KOBOT.

Kowa Tmsuk Co. Ltd. (Munakata city, Fukuoka, Japan) introduced at the Tokyo Motor Show 2011 this week the KOBOT, a three-wheeled, carbon fiber "electro-mobility" vehicle designed for one- or two-person transportation in urban environments.

KOBOT, says the company, is designed to change the future of mobility, transportation environment and the relationship between vehicle and human. It features extensible and collapsible mechanisms for reduced parking-space footprints, a navigation system with provisions for car sharing, and remote control via smart phone. The KOBOT is designed to turn extremely sharply at low speed with front wheels pivoting sharply and rotating at different speeds.

Kowa Tmsuk is a joint venture between Kowa Co. Ltd. and Tmsuk Co. Ltd. Kowa, manufacture of pharmacenticals and electro-optronics instruments, and Tmsuk, developer of service robots.

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