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Industry News
ITT Exelis completes first phase of aerostructures expansion

ITT Exelis has completed the first phase of its expansion at its new composite design and manufacturing center in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

Posted on: 6/24/2013
Source: CompositesWorld

ITT Exelis (Salt Lake City, Utah, USA) reported on June 18 that it has completed the first phase of its expansion at its new composite design and manufacturing center in Salt Lake City. The facility, designed to meet the growing demand for composite structures in military and commercial aircraft, is now fully operational and offers a suite of automated manufacturing capabilities to provide the industry with high-quality, cost-effective composite solutions.

Exelis has completed the installation of its automated tape layer (ATL) that complements its existing capabilities in precision hand lay-up techniques and automated fiber placement (AFP). The addition of the ATL provides the added capability to produce a variety of aircraft structures from wing skins and horizontal stabilizers to fuselage panels for business jets and large commercial aircraft. In addition, the facility includes large-diameter autoclaves, high-speed machining centers and inspection equipment to accommodate the scale of these structures.

“As the global demand for composites increases, we are prepared to offer the aerospace industry the most efficient and cost-effective manufacturing solutions,” says Mike Blair, vice president and general manager of the Exelis aerostructures business. “By leveraging our heritage and an expanded operational capacity, we have the ability to build upon our foundation of performance and combine processes that expand our capabilities for our customers.”

Exelis has more than 40 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of composite structures and assemblies.

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