Intertek adds composites testing capabilities

Massachusetts-based Intertek has added Climbing Drum Peel, Compression of Composites, Tensile In-Plane Shear of Matrix Composites and other tests, in response to customer demand.

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­­Intertek (Pittsfield, Mass., USA), a provider of quality and safety solutions for a wide range of industries, announced on April 4 that its facility in Pittsfield has been recertified and added additional tests to ISO 17025 accreditation, general criteria for the competency of testing laboratories.

Additional tests added meet client-­driven demand for testing of composites and constituents including Climbing Drum Peel (ASTM D1781), Compression of Composites (ASTM D3410), Tensile In-­Plane Shear of Matrix Composites (ASTM D3518), Moisture Absorption and Equilibrium Conditioning (ASDTM D5229), Mode I Fracture Toughness (ASTM D5528) and more. ISO accreditation demonstrates that Intertek Pittsfield has successfully completed the ISO evaluation process, including an assessment of the laboratory’s compliance with the A2LA Information Technology Program Requirements.

ISO 17025 is the international standard by which a laboratory’s commitment to quality is evaluated. Intertek achieved this accreditation by demonstrating technical competence for product compliance testing with the operation and effectiveness of its laboratory. ISO 17025 not only considers management and technical expertise, but also emphasizes continual product and process improvement.

“Our clients drive everything we do in Pittsfield, and the expansion of our scope is a direct response to our clients need for testing of new composites materials in rigorous applications in automotive and other industries,” says James Galipeau, general manager, Intertek Pittsfield. “This is in addition to Nadcap which is in support of aerospace applications and displays Intertek’s commitment to quality in supporting a wide range of market sectors with advanced materials testing.”

Intertek provides advanced materials analysis, quality control and research and development. The laboratory supports a wide range of industries and markets including aerospace, automotive, building, consumer goods and more.