Innovate UK launches graphene commercialization effort

Innovate UK's Knowledge Transfer Network aims to help composites fabricators work graphene into finished parts.

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Innovate UK's (London, UK) Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) reports it has launched a Graphene Special Interest Group that is focused, in part, on commercialization of graphene in composites manufacuring. Ajay Kapadia, knowledge transfer manager materials-composites, at KTN, says graphene offers properties that make it a potentially strong addition to composite parts and structures.

The purpose of the special interest group, says Kapadia, is to provide a forum through which graphene suppliers can connect with composites fabricators to work together to integrate graphene into finish products. There are 80 companies in the Graphene Special Interest Group and Kapadia hopes to increase that number to 200-250.

Graphene, which consists of 1-atom-thick, 2D platelets, is typically added to the resin matrix and offers to composites good electrical and heat conduction properties, which make it a good candidate for lightning strike protection and exotherm mitigation. Kapadia says the most immediate challenge is to work with fabricators to better understand how and in what volumes graphene can be worked into manufacturing processes. 

To that end, the Knowledge Transfer Network will host workshops to help identify technincal gaps in composites processing, and will exhibit at the Advanced Engineering Show 2017 Nov. 1-2 in Birmingham, UK. 

This white paper offers a summary of the current state of the art in graphene technology. 

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