Infused longboard shows toughness of composite design

N2R Skate has introduced what it describes as a practically indestructible longboard that features an infused cored laminate.

Skateboarding is a form of recreation and, for some, the vehicle for an extreme sport. But for many, it has also become, like the bicycle, an inexpensive and pollution-free mode of alternative transportation. With that in mind, the longboard was created and has exploded in popularity. As its name implies, this longer variant of the conventional skateboard, typically made from plywood or fiberglass, allows for a more stable and comfortable rider stance when cruising city streets. To ensure a long-lasting ride, however, N2R Skate (Turin, Italy) has introduced what it describes as a practically indestructible version that features an infused cored laminate. N2R opted to make its new product using a new material and a proprietary vacuum infusion technology, which it calls INFUTURE. An established method, INFUTURE has been used by N2R for 15 years to mold a wide range of products, ranging from large boat hulls to smaller go-kart racing components.

In collaboration with core manufacturer DIAB International AB (Laholm, Sweden), N2R developed a material it calls tricomposite, formed with a lightweight hybrid multiaxial from Formax (Leicester, U.K.) that combines carbon, aramid and glass fibers, and a DIAB Divinycell high-strength, closed-cell foam core. After infusion, the longboard is almost optically clear, and reveals the triaxial fiber weave as well as the core insert.

N2R says that the new board offers 40 percent higher torsional strength compared to standard fiberglass models, and is 70 percent stronger than plywood constructions. The company is so confident of the longboard’s performance that it is offering an unheard-of three-year warranty against structural damage. N2R Skate’s longboards are reportedly 25 percent lighter than competing boards, completely water resistant and shock resistant.

“We have worked with DIAB for the last 15 years, producing some of the best yachts in the world,” says Luca Sburlati, CEO of N2R. “Now it’s time for us to revolutionize the skating business. We wanted to develop the next generation of longboards with outstanding flexibility and a much higher fatigue resistance, and we are glad to have DIAB as our partner on this quest.”

N2R Skate is offering two different longboard configurations, the 1.6 kg Urban, designed to be fairly flexible, and the 1.98 kg Downhill with “race-ready” stiffness and strength, in an array of “wild” colors. Both were introduced in February through a Kickstarter campaign, with reduced pricing.