Inaugural launch of Atlas V vehicle boosted by Aerojet

Aerojet produced a 67-ft solid rocket booster to support the first launch of United Launch Alliance's Atlas V rocket from Vandenberg AFB on March 13.

Aerojet (Sacramento, Calif.), a GenCorp company, announced early on March 13 its 67-foot solid rocket booster helped propel the inaugural launch of United Launch Alliance's Atlas V vehicle from Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif. The booster provided approximately 250,000 lb of additional thrust for the Atlas V launch vehicle and its classified National Reconnaissance Office satellite payload.

Other Aerojet hardware on the launch included 12 Aerojet monopropellant thrusters on the Atlas V Centaur upper stage that provided roll, pitch and yaw control, and settling burns for the upper stage main engine. Aerojet also supplied eight retro rockets for Atlas Centaur separation from the launch vehicle.

"Aerojet's propulsion performed well during the Atlas V vehicle's inaugural launch from the West coast,"said Aerojet President Scott Neish. "Our team remains committed to maintaining Aerojet's 100 percent mission success record for Atlas V.”

Aerojet serves the missile and space propulsion, defense and armaments markets.