Imperium Acoustocam inspection method included in Boeing manual

The ultrasonic imaging device is approved by Boeing for NDT inspection of the 787, and has been adopted by All Nippon Airways.

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Imperium, Inc. (Beltsville, Md.) announced February 21 that The Boeing Co. (Chicago, Ill.) has included a procedure for using Imperium’s ultrasonic imaging device, the trademarked Acoustocam, in its 787 Dreamliner Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) manual. The procedure provides methods to inspect the 787’s carbon fiber composite airframe in the field, quickly and nondestructively.

“It is wonderful to see our technology validated by a world-class organization such as Boeing,” says Bob Lasser, president and CEO of Imperium. “The increased prevalence of composite structures requires a new set of inspection tools, and these tools must be fast and easy to use in the field while still providing customary quantitative ultrasonic data. Clearly, our Acoustocam suits this growing need.”

Boeing, the world’s largest aerospace company and a leading commercial aircraft manufacturer, publishes NDT manuals that contain maintenance and inspection procedures for its aircraft. Boeing’s procedure for the Acoustocam is available to all 787 owners. The procedure, entitled “Part 4 - Ultrasonic Inspection of BMS 8-276 Solid Laminate Fuselage Structures for Damage (Ultrasonic Camera),” helps NDT inspectors capture real-time, high resolution ultrasound images of composite structures.

Hiroshi Kobayashi, senior manager of structural engineering at All Nippon Airways (ANA), said that the Acoustocam produced results over other NDT devices and was “very helpful in capturing the image of internal structures quickly.” ANA, Boeing’s largest Dreamliner customer, initiated the Acoustocam procedure development process in 2013.