Hypersizer workshop at CAMX

Collier Research's optimization software will be explained and demonstrated during this one-day workshop on the day prior to the CAMX event.

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Collier Research Corp. (Newport News, Va.,  USA) is sponsoring a HyperSizer V7 full-day workshop in Orlando, Florida. A free 90-day license of Collier's HyperSizer V7 software will be provided to all attendees prior to the workshop, scheduled for Monday, October 13 in Orlando, from 9am – 4pm; lunch will be provided.

Collier says to bring your laptop computer pre-loaded with HyperSizer V7 and the free 90-day license that they will provide. When you contact the company to register, they will send software download instructions.

The new Version 7 HyperSizer program is reportedly easier to learn and use. Less user input is required at every stage of analysis and optimization. Computationally faster, V7 handles larger FEMs, thousands of optimization zones, and thousands of load cases. Composite laminate sequencing is now fully integrated into the sizing optimization workflow process. Detailed stress reporting and user-defined analysis method "plugins" are key new features covered.

The workshop will be presented in two parts: HyperSizer for analysis and HyperSizer for design, with a focus on airframe specific hardware. Three 737-like FEMs are provided as part of the V7 package, in both Nastran and Abaqus formats for use during the workshop, then for your continued use later. The models are meshed in the typical aerospace industry manner and have representative external applied loads that produce realistic analysis and optimization results.

Says Collier's vice president Ivonne Collier, "When you leave this workshop with HyperSizer on your laptop, you will be able to analyze and optimize aircraft structure in a way you were never able to do before. A new power!" Attendees will for example be able to generate detailed stress reports that do the work for you by documenting everything you’ve done to produce your design, including the supporting evidence that your design is valid. The stress reports tell the story showing formulas used, material allowables, dimensions, thicknesses, layups, controlling failure modes, and load cases.

To register, please call the company at (757) 825-0000.