Honeywell anti-ballistic material picked for Asian combat helmets

Honeywell's Spectra Shield II UHMWPE will be used by Korea-based Dae-Sung Tech Co. Ltd. under a three year contract to manufacture military helmets.

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Honeywell (Morris Township, N.J., USA) announced on Oct. 18 that its Spectra Shield II anti-ballistic materials will be used in combat helmets to protect soldiers in Asia.

Dae-Sung Tech Co. Ltd., a Korean body armor manufacturer, will use Spectra Shield II materials in helmets designed to protect soldiers against a variety of threats, including fragments from improvised explosive devices and small-caliber rounds. The material's lightweight strength enables the helmets to provide critical head protection at a lower weight, which helps soldiers move more easily and comfortably.

Spectra Shield II materials help the helmet achieve a 20 percent weight reduction when compared with Dae-Sung's previous helmets. The company will produce the helmets with the material under a three-year contract with Honeywell.

The contract represents the latest application of Spectra materials in combat helmets. Honeywell announced in June that it was awarded a three-year contract from the U.S. Army to provide advanced anti-ballistic materials that will improve the performance and reduce the weight of its helmets.

Spectra Shield II is a high-strength, lightweight composite material made with Spectra fiber. Spectra fiber is ultrahigh-molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) made using a patented gel-spinning process.