High Performance Fibers, Carbon Fiber Conferences shaping up

The agendas for the High Performance Fibers and Carbon Fiber Conferences, both scheduled for Charleston, S.C., this fall, are near completion. Registration is open.

COMPOSITESWORLD Conferences is gearing up for its annual events: High Performance Fibers 2008, Oct. 28-29; and Carbon Fiber 2008, Dec. 8-10. Both conferences will be held at the Charleston Marriott Hotel in Charleston, S.C. 

Agendas for both events are near completion. Visit www.compositesworld.com/conferences for agenda, registration, lodging and other information. Alternatively, you can contact COMPOSITESWORLD Conferences by phone at (207) 201-6603.

Below is the abstract for one presentation on unidirectional fabrics for ballistics. It will be presented the High Performance Fibers event:


The Market Utilitization of High Performance Uni-Directional Fabrics             Marcus Dellinger, Sales & Technical Manager, TechFiber LLC, Tempe, Ariz.

An overview of a patented high-performance unidirectional fabric technology and its use and versatility in hard and soft protective armor, cut-stab, composite structures, as either a total solution or hybridized with woven fabrics.