Hexcel to launch CFRP/metal hybrid solution

Technology combines a fast-curing carbon fiber/epoxy prepreg and a new film adhesive called Redux 677.

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Hexcel (Duxford, UK) reports that at Multicomp 2017, taking place at Nottingham (UK) Conference Centre on June 14-15, the company's Chris Harrington, section leader R&T at the company's Innovation Centre, will present new composite technologies for the high-volume manufacture of carbon fiber composite/metal hybrid structures in the automotive industry.

Hybrid components that combine composites and metal in the same part are becoming increasingly popular in vehicle designs, allowing engineers to combine the best properties of each material in a single, lightweight hybrid design. However, a number of challenges have to be overcome, which Harrington will describe in his presentation. He will then describe Hexcel's new fast-curing carbon fiber/epoxy prepreg for the automated production of prepreg stacks, and a new film adhesive, called Redux 677. These products, says the company, work in conjunction to provide an optimized solution for the automated manufacture of automotive carbon fiber composite/metal hybrid structures.

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