Haydale scales up functionalized graphene capacity

Three plasma reactors operational with four more on order/in commissioning, including two being shipped overseas to meet increasing global demand for nanomaterials.

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Haydale Ltd., a technological leader in the development of functionalized graphenes to improve the mechanical performance of epoxy resin systems and carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP), has announced further significant investment in production capacity.

In December 2014, Haydale announced the delivery of two new Rotovac HD60 plasma reactors. These reactors are now both fully operational and provide Haydale increased processing capability and operational flexibility in functionalizing graphenes and other nanomaterials. Consequently, Haydale has ordered a further three Rotovac HD60 units for delivery by the end of June 2015, two of which will be shipped to overseas locations as part of the strategic move to support worldwide demand for Haydale functionalized graphene materials.

Haydale has now taken delivery of an additional significantly larger reactor, the HD200, to fulfill anticipated increased customer orders following successful sampling and supply from the smaller units. This unit has now passed its factory acceptance test and has arrived four weeks earlier than expected. Commissioning has already commenced.

CEO Ray Gibbs commented, "At this stage in the development of the graphene industry, customers are looking for consistent quality of functionalized graphenes in kilograms, not initially tonnes, although volume will follow successful trialing. It is crucial, however, that the samples provided are capable of being repeated in larger commercial volumes and that is exactly what we can provide. We now have 3 HD60 plasma reactors in operation providing the required flexibility to process a variety of materials for different customers simultaneously. The arrival of the larger machine further increases our capability as the demand for volumes increases."