Haydale receives European patent for its HDPlas process

The European patent is not limited to graphene or carbon materials but also covers all nanoparticles.

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Haydale (HCS, Kingston, UK) has received a European Patent for its proprietary HDPlas functionalization process for graphene and other nanoparticulate materials.

The European patent is the key process patent underlying the company's proprietary functionalization treatment and is one of a number arising from the families of patent applications surrounding Haydale's unique plasma functionalization process. Haydale already has a granted patent in China and has visibility on the patent application in Australia, which is expected to proceed to grant within the next 3-4 months.

The European patent is not limited to graphene or carbon materials but also covers all nanoparticles. Whilst Haydale's immediate focus remains on commercializing graphene and other nanocarbons, the patent means that the Haydale process can now be extended in Europe to a wide range of alternative materials thereby considerably extending the future opportunities and applications using its HDPlas functionalization process. In addition, the receipt of the European patent will allow Haydale to grant licenses of its plasma process to graphene producers or applications houses throughout Europe.

"We believe that this new European patent provides us with significant credibility among existing and potential customers across our target markets. Independent published research here in the UK and in the USA demonstrates the benefits of our HDPlas process and we now have customers placing repeat orders. In addition, we have a number of industrial partnerships in place to develop the next generation of advanced materials that will benefit from the use of our functionalized graphene,” said Ray Gibbs, CEO of Haydale. “Now that we have our HDPlas functionalization process protected by patent this gives us great belief and confidence that Haydale is in a unique position to benefit from the adoption of graphene enhanced materials by a range of industries.”

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