Harper workshop reviews carbon fiber technology developments

Harper International's 2013 Carbon Fiber R&D Workshop gathered carbon fiber experts from academia, industry and public sector to focus on the future of carbon fiber research and development.

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Harper International (Buffalo, N.Y., USA) hosted this summer its 2013 Carbon Fiber R&D Workshop, designed to share insights on the latest development efforts in the burgeoning carbon fiber market.

More than 150 participants from the carbon fiber composites research space from around the world gathered in Buffalo for the workshop in July. Harper says its goal was to bring together thought leaders from the U.S. and abroad from academia, industry and the public sector to focus on the future of carbon fiber research from the perspective of material development, process technology, and export control considerations.

The technical sessions included speakers from organizations such as Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Ford Europe, University at Tennessee, India Institute of Technology, Clemson University, Applied NanoStructured Solutions and more.

“The quality of technical content and networking interactions exceeded our expectations, as reinforced by many attendees that I spoke with,” says Diana Robbins, vice president of marketing and sales
administration. ”We are just so pleased to be a catalyst in the carbon fiber market, to help if even in a small way move this highly impactful material closer to its full realization as a life­changing technology for all applications to benefit from.”

Proceedings from the workshop, which covered nanocomposites, carbon fiber and thermoplastics, carbon fiber in automotive, Rayon precursors, the push for low-cost carbon fiber, export control compliance and more, are available for download until Oct. 1, 2013 at www.carbonfiberworkshop.com/workshop-proceedings-2/.

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