Granta Design intros new application for PTC Windchill

The new data integration application allows Granta MI: Materials Gateway to interface with PTC's PLM software.

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Cambridge, UK – June 16, 2014

At the recent PTC Live Global event (Boston, Mass., USA, June 15-19), Granta Design (Cambridge, U.K.) demonstrated a new materials data integration application for the patented PTC Windchill PLM system developed by PTC (Needham, Mass., USA). This is the latest in the growing list of leading CAD, CAE, and product lifecyle management (PLM) software supported by dedicated, trademarked GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway applications. As a PTC ‘Gold partner’, Granta has already provided such applications for PTC's software programs Pro/ENGINEER and Creo.This integrated, traceable access to corporate materials knowledge, together with tools to apply it, benefits engineers, managers, and costing, environmental, or other specialists when they review individual products or look across product families.

MI:Materials Gateway applications have become the standard way to provide fast, fully traceable access to the quality materials data required for accurate design, simulation, and product lifecycle management. Granta has worked with some of the world’s top engineering enterprises to develop best practice in managing, accessing, and applying materials property information. Materials data is 'living' data, and is constantly evolving as new tests, analyses, and research are carried out, or as reference sources are updated. Effective management of the detailed lifecycle of every property for each of a company's materials requires the specialist tools of GRANTA MI materials information management system.

Integration with GRANTA MI can also give access to an unrivalled catalog of materials reference data on thousands of metals, plastics, ceramics, composites, and natural materials. PTC Windchill offers complete know-how on all product content and business processes throughout the product and service lifecycle. The integration with Granta’s materials knowledge management tools enables users to choose and assign applicable materials to parts being managed within Windchill. At any time, via the live connection to the materials records in the database, authorized users can access additional data on the specific version of the assigned materials—for example for non-linear simulation, cost analysis, or environmental impact assessment. Benefits include quick and easy report generating which can quantifiably highlight the implications of materials choices, by combining materials knowledge from GRANTA MI with Windchill application data (“where is this material used?”) across multiple products.

Users of PTC’s Creo can already access an MI:Materials Gateway with embedded tools to search and select materials, determine accurate mass roll-ups, and explore eco-design or restricted substances implications. CAD users can quickly and easily make optimal materials decisions using approved and reliable data. Associated attributes such as surface treatment specifications can be automatically imported both to 3D models and to 2D drawings, saving time while supporting traceability and consistency.

Granta’s Dr. Arthur Fairfull explained that “Historically, materials property information has been the ‘poor relation’ in terms of its management and integration within virtual product development. We are delighted that our partnership with PTC will enable engineering enterprises in a variety of industries to take advantage of these new capabilities within Windchill, making a significant difference to the application of material intelligence."