Goodrich picked to supply nacelles for A320 re-engining

Goodrich will design the nacelle and thrust reversers for the Pratt & Whitney PurePower 1100G engine, which will power the airbus A320 Family, designated the A320neo.

Goodrich Corp. (Charlotte, N.C., USA) announced on March 8 that it has been selected by Airbus to provide the nacelle system for a new engine for the Airbus A320 Family of single-aisle airplanes. Under the agreement, Goodrich will design the nacelle and thrust reversers for the Pratt & Whitney PurePower 1100G engine that will power the Airbus A320 Family, designated the A320neo (new engine option). Goodrich will also perform engine build up (EBU) for the PurePower propulsion system.

The new Pratt & Whitney PurePower 1100G engine is expected to provide greater fuel efficiency, burning about 15 percent less fuel than current engines. In addition, the Goodrich nacelle will include a variable area nozzle (VAN) for the PurePower engine. Goodrich's VAN is a variable duct that manipulates the flow of fan air from the nacelle and will contribute to overall improvements in fuel efficiency.

The nacelle system will be designed by Goodrich's Aerostructures business, headquartered in Chula Vista, Calif., USA. In addition, Goodrich Actuation Systems headquartered in Wolverhampton, England, and Goodrich's Engine Control and Electrical Power Systems will provide the design for the actuation systems used on the nacelle system, thrust reversers, and the variable area nozzle for the Pratt & Whitney PurePower 1100G engine. Engine buildup for the PurePower engines will be performed at Goodrich facilities in Toulouse, France, and Hamburg, Germany, which are collocated next to Airbus A320 final assembly lines. Airbus will design the engine mounts to be built by Goodrich.

"This agreement represents an opportunity both to apply our innovative technology and to leverage our years of experience manufacturing and supporting the nacelle systems for the A320 Family. Goodrich has been the nacelle system provider on the A320 Family of aircraft since the program was launched in 1984; no company has more experience than us in managing the integration of the engine to these airplanes," said Marshall Larsen, Goodrich chairman, president and CEO. "We are excited about further collaborating with Airbus on the latest evolution of this popular airplane."