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Industry News
Gamesa 5-MW turbine achieves type certification

Gamesa's G1285.0 MW offshore turbine has received its type certification from DNVGL.

Posted on: 3/10/2014
Source: CompositesWorld

Gamesa (Zamudio, Vizcaya, Spain) reported on March 10 that it has secured type certification for its first offshore wind turbine, the G128­5.0 MW offshore, from DNV­GL, an accredited independent body. The milestone completes the process of certifying the company's first offshore product ­ in less than seven months­ and constitutes an endorsement for the platform's technology that in turn bolsters the marketing and industrialisation processes.

The G128­5.0 MW wind turbine prototype, the first offshore model in the 5.0 MW platform, has a rotor diameter of 128m/420 ft and a total height of 154m/505 ft. The turbine is notably lightweight, which reduces the cost of related wind farm civil engineering work. The G128­5.0 MW Offshore is capable of generating enough power to supply 5,000 households a year. Since it began to generate electricity in the summer of 2013, the prototype has injected more than 6,000 MWh into the grid. In November 2013, the prototype beat another record, producing the most electricity ever generated by a single turbine in Spain in one day: 118.05 MWh.

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