FRP Green inks agreement with Indian manufacturer

FRP Green's Seawolf Recycling System will allow for reuse of trimmings and waste material in FRP/GRP manufacturing.

FRP Green Inc. (New Smyrna Beach, Fla.) has announced an agreement with FRP Accessories (Mumbai, India) to market and distribute the Seawolf Recycling System and other products developed and manufactured by FRP Green Inc. has been signed.

FRP Green Inc's Seawolf Recycling System is one of many products designed to increase the profitability of FRP/GRP manufacturers. The system allows the reuse of trimmings and waste materials in new product production, reducing material costs, increasing product strength characteristics, and eliminating landfill disposal fees. In addition to the Seawolf Recycling System, FRP Accessories will supply to the composites industry in India customized formulations developed by FRP Green Inc. to eliminate the need for air roll out on spray up applications, and other cost effective solutions available from FRP Green Inc.

"We recognize FRP Accessories as a leader in the industry"said Wolfgang Unger, president and owner of FRP Green Inc. ”The cooperation between our companies represents the global need for environmentally friendly solutions to disposal problems in the composite industry.”

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