FRIMO, Huntsman to cooperate on polyurethane composites

Composites manufacturer FRIMO will work with Huntsman Polyurethanes to develop fiber composite solutions for the automotive industry, with specific focus on integration of polyurethane resin matrix systems.

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Composites manufacturer FRIMO (Lotte, Germany) and material supplier Huntsman Polyurethanes (Everberg, Belgium) have signed a cooperation agreement to work on the development of fiber composite solutions for the automotive industry. Joining their expertise and experience, both companies aim to exploit synergies and develop cost-effective solutions for high-volume composite manufacturing. Both companies have made investments into new technology and have set up composite development centers at their respective sites in Germany and Belgium.

FRIMO specializes in process technology and offers a portfolio of tooling and equipment for polyurethane processing, as well as experience in resin transfer molding (RTM) processing technology. Huntsman Polyurethanes is a manufacturer of polyurethane systems.

Huntsman has purchased a FRIMO pilot production unit at its technical center in Everberg, Belgium. This equipment, specifically designed for PU systems, allows Huntsman to expand its tailor-made testing and validation capabilities for a new range of matrix resins for automotive fiber composites, under the tradename VITROX.

Andy Walton, automotive business manager at Huntsman, and Karl-Heinz Stelzl, FRIMO director advanced technology, say the cooperation agreement is an important step forward in development of advanced composite technology for the automotive industry.

Nick Webster, vice president Europe for Huntsman Polyurethanes, says, “The cooperation agreement enabling us to work more closely with FRIMO is an exciting development for both of our companies, but also for the wider automotive market. Our expertise in polyurethane chemistry combined with FRIMO’s technical capabilities and advanced processing equipment is a powerful proposition that we hope will bring significant value to the automotive industry and facilitate faster introduction of new lightweight materials to the industry.”