Fokker signs agreement for F-35 drag chute fairing assembly

Composite/metal component adds to already established supply of F-35 flaperons, in-flight doors, arresting gear and engine parts.

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Fokker (Papendrecht, The Netherlands) has signed an agreement in principle with Lockheed Martin (Bethesda, MD, USA) for the delivery of the drag chute fairing assembly for Lockheed Martin’s F-35 Lightning II. The drag chute fairing assembly is a composite/metal construction that enables the jet fighter aircraft to release the drag chute.

Drag chutes are used for fighter aircraft that operate from shorter runways or from wet or icy runways in cold climates. The drag chute fairing is a complex component that protects the chute and mechanisms during flight and opens to release the chute at landing.  The fairing is designed to preserve the aerodynamic and stealth capability of the F-35.

Norway will be the first country to receive the drag chute system, and Canada and the Netherlands are also considering adding this capability to their F-35 aircraft. Under this agreement, Fokker will be responsible for design improvements, industrialization, tooling design and manufacturing for the drag chute fairing. First activities start end of 2014 and this agreement in principle reaffirms Fokker’s position as a strategic supplier in the F-35 program.

Hans Büthker CEO Fokker Technologies commented: “We are proud that Lockheed Martin has selected Fokker for manufacturing of the drag chute fairing assembly. This component is a great addition to the F-35 work packages that are already awarded to Fokker. The partnership between our specialists and the Lockheed Martin team started in 2001 to produce complex in-flight opening doors and is excellent. The F-35 program provides highly skilled work and has made a significant contribution to the development of knowledge and technology within Fokker and the Dutch Aerospace cluster”.

Fokker has been a part of the F-35 program since 2002 and has produced and delivered Electrical Wiring Interconnection Systems, Flaperons, In-Flight Opening Doors, Engine Parts and Arresting Gear for F-35 aircraft that are currently flying and in production.