Five test A400Ms fly in rare formation

With five A400M military transport craft under going flight testing, Airbus placed them in a rare formation before they returned to normal test operations.

Airbus Military (Toulouse, France) reported on June 6 the unique occasion of having the five Airbus Military A400M flight test aircraft fly in formation, after which each aircraft continued its specific flight test activity.

This unique formation flight provided some impressive visuals. This technical flight of the five Grizzlies, MSN1, 2, 3, 4 and 6, was crewed with Airbus Flight Test teams and no particular maneuvers or tests were undertaken. Following the formation exercise, the different aircraft continued on their daily activity: MSN1 continued with handling quality tests, MSN2 with air-to-air refueling wing pods hose stability tests, MSN3 with engine performance tests, MSN4 with pressurisation and oxygen tests and MSN6 with function and reliability tests.