First production Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid unveiled in Europe

The four-door, four-passenger Karma has a range of 300 miles, 80 of which is provided by the electric motor. Achievable annual average economy is 100 mpg.

Fisker Automotive (Irvine, Calif., USA) on Sept. 30 unveiled the first factory-built luxury plug-in Karma at the Paris Motor Show.

Designed by Fisker Automotive co-founder, CEO and executive design director Henrik Fisker, the four-door, four-passenger Karma combines style with high efficiency and low emissions to deliver what the company calls "an uncompromised, premium vehicle that sets the tone for the future of driving." Henrik Fisker is responsible for designing other luxury sports cars of the modern era, including the Aston Martin V8 Vantage, Aston Martin DB9, BMW Z8 and Artega GT.

It features an achievable annual average economy of 2.4L/100 km (100 mpg) and emissions of just 83g/km. The Karma measures 4.99m/196.7 inches long, 1.98m/78.1 inches wide and 1.33m/52.4 inches high.

Retained from the concept is the world's largest spherically curved, monolithic solar roof panel, which communicate the car's advanced technology and environmental purpose. Unique to the segment is the Karma's absence of external window frames between rear door-glass panes, which improves aesthetics and reduces wind noise.

Advanced Technology Plug-in Hybrid Power Under the skin, Fisker's Q-Drive plug-in hybrid electric powertrain technology combines performance with good economy and the lowest emissions.

With 300 kW of power and more than 1,300 Nm (981 lb-ft) of torque at zero rpm, the electrically-driven Fisker Karma has a total range of 480 km/300 miles. About 80 km/50 mi are electric-only and tailpipe-emission free when powered only by the 20-kWh lithium-ion battery, which can be recharged in as little as six hours on standard 240V current.

When the battery is depleted, or when the driver engages Sport mode, the Karma's 2.0L, turbocharged four-cylinder Ecotec gas engine automatically turns a 175-kW generator that sends electricity to two 150-kW (201.5 hp/204 PS) electric traction motors mounted directly to the rear differential. This single speed gearbox ensures a smooth, constant delivery of power to the wheels without hesitation, all the way to the Karma's top speed of 200 kmh/125 mph.