FACC picked to provide spoilers, ailerons for Embraer jets

The $120 million contract calls for Austria-based FACC to design, build and support the wing spoilers and ailerons for the second generation of Embraer's E-Jets family of commercial aircraft, named E-Jets E2.

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FACC AG (Ried, Switzerland), a designer, developer and manufacturer of composite aircraft components, reported on Aug. 9 that it has been awarded a contract by Embraer under which FACC will design, build and support the wing spoilers and ailerons for the second generation of its E-Jets family of commercial aircraft, named E-Jets E2. The contract is for the lifetime of the aircraft. FACC estimates its total E-Jets E2 revenues could exceed $120 million (USD), depending on the sales success of the aircraft family. 

The E-Jets E2 aircraft program contract marks a significant expansion of FACC’s relationship with Embraer. With this award, FACC was able to extend its cooperation with Embraer — so far limited to the supply of interiors products — into the aerostructures sector. Thus all four world’s largest aircraft manufactures are now customers of the FACC Aerostructures division.

The spoilers and ailerons are moveable flight control surfaces. The spoilers are installed in the wing trailing edge, above the flaps. There are six spoilers per aircraft side. The aileron is attached to trailing edge of each wing. Both systems will be designed, tested and manufactured by the FACC Aerostructures division in Ried, Austria. The engineering Joint Definition Phase (JDP) began mid-June 2013. Delivery of the first parts under this contract is expected to take place Q1 2015 to support aircraft entry service in 2018.

The state-of-the art composite spoilers and ailerons will be a vital element in this next-generation E-Jets E2 aircraft family attaining specific goals for an aerodynamically advanced wing, reduced fuel burn as well as lower emissions with maximum efficiency. Innovative connecting elements and the fundamental spoiler and aileron functions are integrated into one ready-to-be-delivered unit.

Walter A. Stephan, FACC’s chairman and CEO, states, “We are proud to bring our expertise in composite solutions to this important next generation aircraft program. We look forward to our contribution to the development of the game-changing E-Jets E2 aircraft which will offer unmatched operating economics and reduced environmental footprint.”

“FACC is excited to expand its long-term experience as a Tier-1 design and build supplier,” says Andreas Furthmayr, FACC vice president aerostructures. “As a leading specialist in composite wing movables, we are well-positioned to deliver an innovative spoiler and aileron design solution that achieves requested program demands for schedule and technical performance; no company has more experience than us in managing the integration of composite spoilers and ailerons to the aircraft.”

Embraer announced the launch of its new E-Jets E2 commercial aircraft at the recent Paris Air Show. The aircraft family will comprise three airplanes – E175-E2, E190-E2, and E195-E2 offering leading-edge regional jets with a capacity for 70 to 130 seats. The application of advanced technologies for engines, wings, and avionics distinguishes the E-Jets E2 by providing airlines commonality with current E-Jets, while resulting in double-digit reductions in fuel consumption, emissions, noise and maintenance costs. Embraer foresees a demand for 6,400 commercial jets with capacity of up to 130 seats, over the next 20 years.