EuCIA launches European recycling and sustainability platform

The European Composites Industry Association (EuCIA) has launched the Recycling & Sustainability Platform of the European Composites Industry.

The European Composites Industry Association (EuCIA) on Nov. 4 launched the Recycling & Sustainability Platform of the European Composites Industry. The launch followed the General Assembly meeting of the European Composite Recycling Services Company (ECRC).

The Platform is a Sector Group organized under the EuCIA umbrella whose members are actively involved in the manufacture of composites and meeting the demands of various industrial sectors contributing to the competitiveness of the EU and providing jobs and skills. The Platform members will work towards assessing and showing that composites are recyclable and contribute to a sustainable environment.

In June this year, the three leading Brussels-based organisations, EuPC, EuCIA and ECRC signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to lead collaboration on recycling and sustainability of composites industry at the European level. The objective of the platform is to bring the composites industry together, to show the recycling solutions available for composites and to communicate with one voice the sustainability message.

Alisa De Backer, EuCIA general manager, says, “Composites are recyclable and sustainable. Various projects and studies have been carried out by the industry across Europe over the years and now we are in the position to show our progress. The combination of high properties of composites and their green credentials must be a winning formula for the future of our sector. Nevertheless, as an industry we need to get together and enforce our message to our suppliers and EU legislators. Being a sustainable industry is a challenging process, but we aim to address it under the new Platform. For this initiative to be a success, the full support of the industry is mandatory”.

Volker Fritz, EuCIA president, notes that “The new Platform is open to all players in the composites and composites related value chain. Industry collaboration on sustainability is key .For the next period, we will be identifying main priorities and opportunities for the business. Another objective of the Platform is to support and educate industry across Europe on how to manage sustainability, what are the recycling options, how to set waste management in place and facilitate access to information and to the right contacts across Europe”.

The next meeting of the Platform will take place during the first quarter of 2012. For an introduction of the EuCIA Recycling & Sustainability Platform, and how to join, click here: