Envirolastech launches Crowdfunder campaign for composite material

U.S.-based Envirolastech is seeking funds to help it bring to market its line of recycled composite materials for use in construction and landscaping applications.

Envirolastech Inc. (Rochester, Minn., USA) announced on April 15 the launch of its 60-day Crowdfunder campaign to help raise money to bring to market its recycled composite materials for use in construction and landscaping applications. The company is seeking to raise $2.5 million.

Envirolastech has developed an advanced thermoplastic technology that takes recycled plastics and glass, diverted from landfills and fly ash from municipal solid waste incinerators and turns the materials into a recycled plastic compound. The company is ready to begin full-scale production to meet demand for its compound for manufacturing a range of green building products, including decking, siding and energy-efficient replacement windows.

“We have proven that our recycled composite material can be used to manufacture more than 30 different green products for use in commercial and residential building and landscaping,” says Paul Schmitt, founder and CEO of Envirolastech Inc. “We have customers, established manufacturers, ready to use our material to strengthen and improve their green building and landscape products as soon as we get into production.”

Envirolastech says it has devoted 19 years of research and development work to refine its proprietary technology. The company has completed and validated laboratory and field testing. The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) has reportedly validated the technology. Products manufactured with recycled plastic composites are durable, maintenance-free, impervious to water (so they do not crack during freeze-thaw cycles), and are 100 percent recyclable. Envirolastech provides decided advantages over other recycled plastic composites.

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