Energy Composites delivers first composite lift station

The composite lift station, 10 ft in diameter and 35 ft long, was delivered to the city of Baton Rouge, La.

Energy Composites Corp. (ECC, Wisconsin Rapids, Wis.) announced on Nov. 25 that it has delivered its first municipal sewer lift station in Baton Rouge, La., to Notoco Industries, ECC’s distributor in the Gulf Coast Region, and that it supported the successful installation of the unit. The unit, 10 ft/3m in diameter and 35 ft/10.7m long, is made fully out of composites and delivers substantial cost savings to the taxpayers of Baton Rouge on both an installation and life-cycle basis. ECC will begin to manufacture the next tranche of lift station orders immediately for municipalities in the state.

Sam Fairchild, ECC’s CEO, noted that, “ECC’s design and installation technology ensures that our composite replacement lift stations will come in at an acquisition price substantially below that of the traditional concrete and steel replacement stations. In addition, Baton Rouge can expect these replacements to last for many, many years without measurable maintenance, driving further savings to the parish’s taxpayers. In a time of financial pressure on municipalities, the ECC approach is a welcome relief.”

Jamie Mancl, ECC’s president, added that, “Post-Katrina, the Gulf Coast region faces substantial requirement for infrastructure replacement, and we stand ready to provide our innovative, cost-effective solutions. This milestone represents the formal launch of our water management division, and we look forward to a long relationship with these communities as they upgrade their infrastructure over the next decade.”

ECC manufactures  composite structures, vessels and processing systems for a range of clean-tech applications that include flue gas desulfurization for power plants, infrastructure for biofuel storage and processing, wind energy system components, infrastructure for managing waste water and drinking water storage, advanced municipal utilities infrastructure, and caustic material storage and handling systems for the petrochemical, mining and the pulp and paper industries.