Energy Composites delivers advanced composites maceration tanks

The delivery marks Energy Composite’s first large-scale application of AlphaGen Material’s patented CerarMix polymer ceramic material, used to line the tanks and prevent corrosion.

Energy Composites Corp. (ECC, Wisconsin Rapids, Wis., USA) announced on Nov. 3 that it has delivered the first in a series of 15 large maceration tanks for use in manufacturing gelatin for the food, photographic and pulp and paper industries. The delivery marks ECC’s first large-scale application of AlphaGen Material’s (Vinton, Iowa, USA) patented CerarMix polymer ceramic material, for which ECC holds an exclusive material agreement and brands as XLCR.

In producing the maceration tank, ECC developed a next-generation method for applying XLCR to large-scale composite structures, ensuring the material’s successful use as an advanced coating in wind energy, mining, wastewater management, pulp and paper manufacturing and flue gas desulfurization for the coal-fired power generation industry. XLCR is also a zero-fuel, zero-fire and zero-smoke material, making it a suitable choice for offshore facilities, shipboard applications and other uses requiring fire/fuel/smoke protection.

Sam Fairchild, ECC’s CEO, stated that, “XLCR is a game-changer for multiple sectors. The advanced material enjoys high abrasion resistance — in fact, it is five times better than silica carbide for this purpose. Abrasion causes catastrophic failure as glass and carbon fibers absorb moisture and disrupt the bond between the fibers and the resins used in making the composite. XLCR scores a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale, just one step below that of diamonds. XCLR provides all of the durability of 2205 duplex stainless steel without steel’s cost, weight or risk of damage from corrosives. XLCR also provides superior protection from extreme heat, corrosives and ultraviolet radiation. With XLCR, ECC’s clients are the big winners — dramatically lower lifecycle costs and higher performance. ECC’s shareholders are winners too, since the use of XLCR allows us to capture a more significant share of the value we create.”

Jamie Mancl, ECC’s founder and president, noted the importance of XLCR to ECC’s growth plans. “We are very pleased with XLCR — AlphaGen has developed a remarkable material, and we are confident that our exclusive license with AlphaGen will generate substantial value to our customers, our shareholders, and the sectors we serve. We expect XLCR to be a major discriminator in our efforts to secure significant market share across multiple sectors, and the reasonable additional cost associated with the use of this innovation will be recovered very quickly by our clients and provide then an extended payback for many years to come.”

Fairchild added that, “XLCR’s advantage to our legacy business is clear — and we will seek to gain substantial competitive advantage by deploying the ceramic polymer in many of our composite solutions. I want to emphasize that it may also prove to be a game-changer in the wind energy sector as well, as we seek to drive additional value into our clients’ wind strategies using advanced materials and advanced technologies. XLCR is one of those value drivers.”

Matt Merchant, president of AlphaGen, the developer of XLCR/Cerarmix, emphasized the importance of his partnership with ECC, stating, “There is a huge technological advancement underway in the composite industry, and ECC and AlphaGen are pushing that advancement forward. As Energy Composites Corporation expands the manufacture of its superior piping and tanks using AlphaGen’s CerarMix as a protective barrier, the resulting products will be a the cutting edge of technology and the inclusion of our innovation will ensure that ECC customers are getting the greatest value and most advanced tanks, ducts, stacks, headers and piping in the last 50 years. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with ECC, and remain convinced that our collaboration will drive substantial value for all parties.”