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Industry News
Elbit wins big UAV contract

 The deal is worth $25 million and includes Elbit's Skylark mini-UAV.

Posted on: 9/2/2008
Source: CompositesWorld

Elbit Systems Ltd. (Haifa, Israel) announced on Sept. 1 that it has won a contract to supply Hermes 450 unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) systems to a country in the Americas for the total of approximately $25 million. The contract also includes Skylark I systems, all to be delivered within a year.

Hermes 450 is the base platform of the International Defense Force's (IDF) operational UAV fleet as well as the basis for the UK's armed forces' UAV program Watchkeeper, the largest such program in Europe. The Hermes 450 UAVs are used extensively in armies worldwide, including active war zones such as Iraq and Afghanistan. So far, the Hermes 450 has accumulated over 100,000 operational flight hours.

Skylark is a mini/man-pack UAV system, equipped with features derived from Elbit Systems' Hermes family of larger UAVs. The system is operational with the IDF's Ground Force's Command and in several other armed forces. Skylark is currently operationally active in several theaters in the global war on terror, with more than 10,000 successful operational sorties and a world record in high-altitude flights, exceeding 15,000 ft/4572m.

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