Eclipse and Kestrel merge to form ONE Aviation

The company’s core products include the Eclipse 550 twin-engine light jet and the Kestrel K350 single-engine turboprop.

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Eclipse Aerospace (Albuquerque, NM, US) and Kestrel Aircraft (Superior, WI, US) have joined together to form ONE Aviation Corp. The new company will consolidate both the Eclipse and Kestrel business operations, supply chain, marketing and sales teams under a single management team.

In 2009, Eclipse Aviation was bought out of bankruptcy and reborn as Eclipse Aerospace. It was led by Mason Holland, who is now the chairman of ONE Aviation. Kestrel was founded by Alan Klapmeier, now CEO of ONE Aviation. Eclipse will reportedly move its operations to Albuquerque, according to a story on KOAT ABC Albuquerque.

The company’s core products include the Eclipse 550 twin-engine light jet and the Kestrel K350 single-engine turboprop.

"We are excited to announce the formation of ONE Aviation. I feel privileged to lead this experienced team of aviation professionals as we increase production of the Eclipse Jet, further the development of the Kestrel turboprop, and build a suite of general aviation products second to none in the industry," stated Klapmeier.

The Eclipse Jet is currently in production and is the world's only twin-engine light jet priced below $3 million. While flying at 41,000 feet and incorporating auto throttle technology, the Eclipse Jet also has more than 300,000 incident free fleet hours.

The Kestrel K350, currently under development, looks to redefine the industry's single-engine turboprop market. Like the Eclipse, the Kestrel K350 is designed to make high performance aircraft more accessible to the general aviation customer by reducing complexity and increasing value. The Kestrel all-composite single-engine, turboprop aircraft will carry up to eight people at high speed over long distances.

"Combining the synergies of Eclipse and Kestrel under the leadership of Alan Klapmeier is a perfect fit. I believe that our current, as well as our future, customers will appreciate Alan's vision and his prior experience in leading the design, development, and production of one of the world's most successful aircraft programs. Alan knows our customers, he is a champion for them, and he is recognized throughout the aviation industry as an innovator and transformational leader," stated Holland.    

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